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100% pure L- Glutamine KyowaQuality ™ powder micronized to 180 Mesh

Purest L- Glutamine KyowaQuality ™ powder. Supplement from micronized L-Glutamine KyowaQuality™ powder, highly micronized, 100% pure, ensures maximum solubility and rapid absorption. Glutamine is an important amino acid involved in many functions. It helps support the immune system, is an anti-oxidant, promotes training recovery and plays a role in the secretion of growth hormones.

Glutamine is the dominant amino acid in muscle tissue and can be useful in sports when taken:

  • An hour before the start of the effort along with carbohydrates.
  • Immediately after training, within 30 minutes from the end of the year, along with plenty of fluids and amino acids.
  • A fasting, before going to bed.


  • 100% Pure KyowaQuality™ sourced powder.
  • Highly micronized (180 Mesh) to ensure maximum solubility & absorption.
  • Prevents muscle catabolism.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Promotes recovery.
  • Stimulates secretion of growth hormone (GH).
  • Works as an antioxidant, detoxifier, liver protection, anti-inflammatory.
  • Supports immune activity.
  • Enhances brain activity.

1 tub = 50 servings.