ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000A/90 Folding Lock incl. Bracket SH – Black


ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000A/90 Folding Lock incl. Bracket SH – Black


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ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000A/90 Folding Lock incl. Bracket SH – Black

Reliable anti-theft protection, high flexibility: The BORDO™ Alarm 6000A.

This certainly deters bicycle thieves: In addition to the very secure mechanics that fundamentally distinguish the folding locks of the ABUS BORDO series, the BORDO™ Alarm 6000A is the world’s first folding lock that reports attempted attacks with a volume of 100 dB. This is made possible by the intelligent motion sensor technology “3D Position Detection”, which detects the smallest movements in all three dimensions. The sensor technology of the BORDO™ Alarm 6000A is able to distinguish picking attempts from small vibrations that are triggered, for example, when connecting or by a soccer ball – the lock then only emits a short warning tone, but does not trigger an alarm. Acoustic signals also allow you to check the battery and activity status on.

Technology of the ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000A/90 folding lock incl. bracket SH

  • ABUS Security Level 10
  • 5 mm thick bars, with extra soft 2-component coating to protect against paint damage
  • Color-coordinated silicone coating for the lock body with “soft touch” properties
  • Alarm function with min. 100 dB for 20 seconds, then automatically re-armed
  • 3D Position Detection – detects vibrations and smallest movements in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm
  • intelligent alarm – in case of small and short shocks, e.g. by a soccer etc., the lock emits only a short warning tone
  • acoustic signals indicate battery and activity status
  • Articulated design allows compact folding
  • Bars and housing are made of specially hardened steel
  • Rods are connected by special rivets
  • ABUS Plus cylinder for high protection against manipulation, e.g. picking
  • Two keys included in delivery
  • SH 6000/90 included in delivery – holder for quick mounting on the bicycle frame

ABUS folding locks:

With the Bordo, ABUS has revolutionized the bicycle lock and established a new type of lock – the folding lock. The bicycle locks of the Bordo family offer features that could not be realized with any other design until now: Flexibility with low weight and compact design. These features run through the various models of the extensive Bordo family. From the high-security folding lock Bordo X-Plus to the classic Bordo and the ultra-light Bordo Lite model. The diversity is underlined by numerous color variants and different locking systems. And with the stylish transport bag, the holder solution for the folding lock is included.

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