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Description of Pirelli P ZERO Velo TT Folding Tire – 622 – 2019

Developed for breathtaking speed!
With minimal rolling values and air resistance, the new TT is the fastest and most aggressive member of the P ZERO Velo series. The patented SmartNET Silica® Compound provides superior grip to allow you to drive this clincher faster and more safely than any other time trial tire under the toughest conditions.SMART TECHNOLOGY, PREMIUM PERFORMANCE
Technology from Pirelli has long been the standard in the world of motor sport. P Zero ™ Velo brings Pirelli’s typical Italian passion for design and engineering into cycling. Experience the disruptive technologies that make these tires absolutely unique.SMARTNET SILICA®
Smart net Silica ® is patented top technology. The unique formula of this compound, which has been developed over the years from the experience in motorsport, offers cyclists a riding experience without compromise: low rolling resistance with optimum wet grip, maximum grip despite high running performance, high puncture protection despite low weight. The unique silica particles – elongated instead of spherical – guarantee an extremely low rolling resistance by forming themselves in the longitudinal direction instead of forming a chaotic structure. They offer the best wet adhesion due to their optimal chemical compatibility with wet asphalt. They ensure outstanding safety and performance by connecting to other components of the compound to form a robust network. In short, SmartNET Silica® provides an unmatched driving experience.ICS – IDEAL CONTOUR SHAPING
Thanks to the tire contour you get a better handling and curve behaviour.
Pirelli used the ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology to optimize the contour and build-up of the new P Zero ™ cycling tires. The use of CAD software with consistent use of the scientific finite element method (FEM) was used to optimize the design parameters for the tire contour and to simulate performance . Thus, the P Zero ™ bicycle tires offer the optimal synthesis of grip, driving stability, as well as reaction and control behavior in the different riding situations (straights, slopes and curves).

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