Volare Balance Bike – Boys and Girls – 10 inch – Blue

Volare Balance Bike – Boys and Girls – 10 inch – Blue


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Net Weight (kg):  3,6


  • Balance bike
Max. taxable weight:  30 kg


  • 85% assembled



  • The handlebar is adjustable in height
  • The soft saddle and handles provide extra comfort
  • Perfect stepping stone to your first bike; learn your sense of balance with this balance bike first!


Looking for a balance bike that can easily train your son or daughter’s sense of balance? At Volare you’ve come to the right place. Training the sense of balance makes it easier to switch to a children’s bike. This Volare 10 inch balance bike of the highest quality, has strong non-inflatable rubber tires. Both the saddle and the handlebars are adjustable in height. The seat and handles are made of soft rubber, which provides comfort. This 10 inch balance bike has a beautiful pastel color.