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Our range of product cover all your needs! Energy, Recovery, Carbohydrates, Bars, Gels, Creatine, Hydratation and much more!

Athletes are always seeking new ways to improve their performance. Nutrition plays a very important role and the Maxim range is made to suit these needs.

Nutrition plays a very important role especially the carbohydrates in nutrition. Carbohydrates supply the muscles with energy. You need about 60% carbohydrates in your daily food and fluid intake. Carbohydrates are used immediately as fuel (e.g. during exercise) or are stored as glycogen in the muscles as fuel for later. An increased intake of carbohydrates will enhance your performance considerably.

Maxim sports products will deliver you the right type and right quantity of carbohydrates at the right moment. Maxim has a total range of sports products for use before, during and after exercise.


The 6 essential nutrients that every body needs to function are:

Proteins are indispensable for life, we need them in our nutrition. They are needed for the building of the body, the growth, the oxygen transport to the muscle cells and the recovery and building of muscle tissue. Nutrition that contains proteins: meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.
Our digestion breaks down proteins to amino acids. There are a few amino acids that the body can not produce, so we need to consume these through nutrition or supplements.

Carbohydrates deliver energy to the body, which is why they are the most important source of energy for athletes.
There are 2 types of carbohydrates, the simple and complex ones. Simple carbohydrates deliver energy on a short term, the complex ones on a longer term. In the body both are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, where they are used as an easy approachable energy supply.
Carbohydrates are mostly found in rice, pasta, bread, legumes, fruit, fruit juices and sport drinks.

Fats are a concentrated form of energy. They can be subdivided in saturated and unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids.
Saturated fats are mainly of animal origin, vegetable fats are mostly unsaturated. Everyone knows we have to avoid saturated fats as much as possible and consciously choose for unsaturated fats.
Essential fatty acids are not produced by the body, but are very important for the functioning of it. You can find them in the Performance Omega 3 and Primrose Oil.
Fats are also important for the intake of certain vitamins.

Vitamins have numerous functions which are important for the human body and the functioning of it. They improve the resistance against illnesses and infections, they ensure solid bones so fractures occur less, they stimulate assimilation and improve cell renewal.

A body in development or a body of which great performances are expected, needs more nutrients to recover. Vitamins ensure a better cell renewal, this way the body obtains healthy tissues and organs.


Minerals are substances which are necessary for the functioning of the metabolism. Most appear in very small quantities, 4% of our body consists of minerals. They accomplish different functions like among others; the development of our bones and teeth, and they keep the fluid level in a balance during exercising.
Minerals or electrolytes ensure an acceleration of the water intake and the maintenance of the blood volume. Electrolytes are mineral salts which are found in the blood plasma.
Potassium, sodium and chloride are the 3 main electrolytes which we loose during sweating. A shortage of minerals leads to all kinds of diseases and complaints.

Before, during and after training, fluid is crucial! Not only does your performance decrease in case of a fluid shortage of 2%, in case of greater deficit there is a real risk for overheating and problems with the blood circulation. When you only drink water during long lasting efforts, your thirst can be saturated without the body being hydrated sufficiently. The adding of electrolytes does not only ensure a better functioning of the muscles, it also stimulates your thirst, which urges you to drink sufficiently.


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